5th Sunday Principal Reduction Fund

An Anonymous donor will make a matching donation (up to $5,000) to the 5th Sunday Fund received on the last Sunday of December (12/31/17) in order to reduce our debt for roof and HVAC replacement (Commons and McSwain). Our current balance is $144,000. Make your gift go twice as far by giving a special gift to the 5th Sunday Principal Reduction Fund by December 31, 2017.

St Matthew's Pastor Sam Zumwalt


The Rev. Dr. Samuel Zumwalt has worked in churches for 42 years and in May 2018 celebrated the 37th anniversary of his ordination to the holy ministry. He is a member of the Society of the Holy Trinity (www.societyholytrinity.org). In 2004, Pr. Zumwalt moved with his family to Wilmington from Texas, where he served for 23 years as pastor of small, midsize, and large congregations.