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Wednesday of Holy Week

Our Father, Who Art in Heaven

Wednesday of Holy Week

 Psalm 64

Hide Me from the Wicked

To the choirmaster. A Psalm of David.

Hear my voice, O God, in my complaint;
preserve my life from dread of the enemy.
 Hide me from the secret plots of the wicked,
from the throng of evildoers,
 who whet their tongues like swords,
who aim bitter words like arrows,
 shooting from ambush at the blameless,
shooting at him suddenly and without fear.
 They hold fast to their evil purpose;
they talk of laying snares secretly,
thinking, “Who can see them?”
     They search out injustice,
saying, “We have accomplished a diligent search.”
For the inward mind and heart of a man are deep.

 But God shoots his arrow at them;
they are wounded suddenly.
 They are brought to ruin, with their own tongues turned against them;
all who see them will wag their heads.
 Then all mankind fears;
they tell what God has brought about
and ponder what he has done.

 Let the righteous one rejoice in the Lord
and take refuge in him!
Let all the upright in heart exult!


“Lord, let at last Thine angels come, To Abr’hams bosom bear me home, That I may die unfearing; And in its narrow chamber keep My body safe in peaceful sleep Until Thy reappearing. And then from death awaken me, That these mine eyes with joy may see, O Son of God, Thy glorious face, My Savior and my fount of grace. Lord Jesus Christ, my prayer attend, my prayer attend, And I will praise Thee without end.”

(Lutheran Service Book, #708, st.3)

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If you have not practiced the faith, it won’t be there when you need it. Faith is trust in God’s promise in Jesus Christ, not a rational assent to facts. Practicing the faith is like rehearsing an instrument, running plays in a sport, learning dance steps, etc. Just as muscle memory is so important to acquiring skill, so hearing God’s Word, receiving the Blessed Sacrament, praying with God’s people, and continuing in the apostles’ teaching keep us grounded in a changing world and give us the maturity we need to face what is, for others, often unbearable. Having been buried and raised with Jesus in Holy Baptism, we are able to face our own death and the deaths of dear ones with the confidence that we will live eternally with Him!


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Prayer for Wednesday of Holy Week:

Almighty and everlasting God, it was Your will that Your Son should bear for us the pains of the cross so that You might remove from us the power of the enemy: Help us so to remember and give thanks for our Lord’s passion that we may obtain remission of sin and redemption from everlasting death; through Jesus Christ our Lord, who lives and reigns with You and the Holy Spirit, one God, now and for ever. Amen.

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Pastor Samuel D. Zumwalt, STS

St. Matthew’s Evangelical Lutheran Church

Wilmington, North Carolina

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