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St Matthew's Pastor Sam Zumwalt

Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ,

What joy it is to celebrate 125 years of God’s grace and mercy to St. Matthew’s congregation!

Whether we are new to this parish or have been here for decades, we are humbled as we recognize the prayers, the sacrifice, the service, and the gifts of the generations of lay persons and pastors who have left us a legacy of faithful discipleship. While they had life and breath, they labored lovingly and long in the Lord’s vineyard. We are the beneficiaries of their work!

Now is our time and our turn to give grateful witness with all we have and are to the Lord who has withheld nothing from us, not even His own life!  Each of us is born not knowing how many days or years we have to do the good works for which the God of grace and mercy has created us. Let us, then, prayerfully ask Him to give us new dreams and a new vision for His future.

Grateful to serve with you!

Pr. Sam Zumwalt        

As we celebrate our 125th Anniversary, we believe and teach that Christ is the Cornerstone of His Church, and so we are “C’ing the WAY Forward” with this strong confession of trust in Him:

-as Christians, we have been chosen by God’s grace and now offer our gratitude by lives of humble service.

-as Christians, we have confessed our sins having been chosen by Christ our Lord and Savior.

-as Christians, we are called and challenged by Christ.

-part of His challenge is for us to make commitments.

-these commitments apply to our church, our community, and our children.

-meeting these commitments will not be easy or convenient at times.

-doing so will require courage, change, choices, and at times, confrontation by us all.

-we are challenged to continue the work begun by Martin Luther 500 years ago and our congregation 125 years ago.

-with God’s help and by combining our resources, we are confident we can reach this worthy conclusion.

-and when we do, He will surely celebrate with us.

-so, come with us, and see ‘THE WAY’ forward.

Yours in Christ,

Your Facilities Planning Team, Your Congregation Council, and Your Pastor

Be Charitable and Contribute to our journey forward!

Fundraising ideas for raising capital prior to starting project

1.)    Give cash, check, or simply giving contributions

2.)    Donate appreciated assets: Donating property that has appreciated in value, (stock, rental property, raw land held for investment, etc.) can result in a double benefit. Not only can you deduct the fair market value of the property (so long as you've owned it for at least one year), you avoid paying capital gains tax upon the sale of it. Normally, appreciated property is subject to capital gains tax at disposition but there's an exception for donations to charitable organizations.

3.)    Donate your required minimum distribution from your IRA:  If you are 70½ or older, you can transfer up to $100,000 to charity tax-free each year -- even if that’s more than your RMD. The money counts as your required minimum distribution but isn’t included in your adjusted gross income. Note, you have to wait until you actually turn age 70½ to make the tax-free transfer to charity.  You may not take an itemized charitable deduction for the amount donated, as the tax benefit comes as a tax-free distribution.

4.)    Be a matching donor:  On a monthly basis, for example, a matching donor would volunteer to match (up to a certain amount) the capital campaign gifts donated in that month.

5.)    “Purchase” rooms for new building, items in new rooms, items for new building etc.:  Items will be offered for “purchase” or donation such as the “nursery” or “choir room”, or the “projectors” or “appliances” and a cost will be put on each room, or item.  The donor would be recognized as donating that room with a plaque in the room, for example. 

6.)    Help with fundraising events such as a silent and live auction, a taste of the town event, or a benefit concert:  Events provide many ways our congregation members can get involved in helping with raising money without having to give money – they can give talents and time to help put on these events.  These types of events bring in funds from outside of the congregation (from the community) as well.

7.)    10-year pledges:  Upon completion of the project, 10-year pledges will be necessary for debt service on the building loan.