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Luther's Rose

St Matthew's Evangelical Lutheran Church

A Discipleship Center

Celebrating Our 125th Anniversary 1892-2017


We have a variety of exciting ministries that are ongoing in our church. These include our Christian Education, Music Ministry, Stephen Ministry program, and Youth and Campus Ministries. We would love to have you join in participating in such ministries, so please find out more about each one!

UNC-W Lutheran Students

Lutheran students from any denomination and other interested college students are encouraged to practice the Christian faith and actively to participate in the life of St. Matthew’s Lutheran Church. Living one’s Baptism does not cease when leaving home for college. Indeed Christian Baptism is only complete at death. We offer many opportunities for worship, study, fellowship, service, growing spiritually, and sharing gifts.

For pastoral conversation and to learn how to connect with other students, please contact Pr. Zumwalt at

The coming weekend is a great time for your first visit to St. Matt’s!