Pastor’s Blog: It Ain’t Over

Pastor’s Blog: It Ain’t Over

So, seventy-four million people voted for Joe Biden according to latest counts. Eight million of those votes were counted in California. This explains again why the founders came up with the Electoral College. If there were no Electoral College, the winner in California, New York, and Illinois would almost certainly be elected president every four years. While that would make half the voters happy, I doubt our constitutional republic would survive.

There is no question that the major media and big tech were all in for Biden. Most of the mainstream media spent eight years being the de facto press office for the Obama White House. They have spent the last four perpetrating what has become known as the Russia hoax on the American people. There was not one day in the past four years that the vitriol against the Trump White House wasn’t gushing.

So, over the weekend the mainstream media including Fox declared Biden the president-elect. They also declared there was no credible evidence of voter fraud. This from the same people who insisted that the Russia collusion was real. No. God help him, an elderly representative from South Carolina was still talking Russia yesterday. In that case, there was never any credible evidence of collusion by the Trump team but highly credible evidence of collusion by the Clinton team. The permanent bureaucracy failed the American people by collaborating in that hoax. A second Trump term would need to clean house.

Joe Biden is not the president-elect simply because it has been declared as a presumptive close by all those who hope for it to be so. Until all the federal elections have been certified by state legislatures, presidential electors sent to Washington, and Congress’ declaration of the winner, we do not have a president-elect. It may be Joe Biden. It might not be if a significant number of ballots counted turn out not to be legal. The deadline for this is December 12, and then the electors are sent to elect a president. Then, Congress certifies the winner. All of this is covered by Article Two of the U.S. Constitution (the dates for federal elections having been determined by Congress).

If you are a Biden supporter, doubtless you will believe that the popular vote is sound, and that should be enough. Hilary Clinton spent the past four years calling Trump an illegitimate president, because she won the popular vote. Again, the winner of California, New York, and Illinois is not crowned the “ruler” of our land. If you are a Trump supporter, doubtless you want to see that every vote counted was a legal vote. Many of the changes to election laws took away protections against fraud as Attorney General William Barr warned in June 2020. Seventy-one million voters from all 50 states want to know that the vote count is legitimate. The state of Florida alone proved that a full count can happen on election night.

Joe Biden’s call for unity falls very hollow on the ears of the 71 million voters, who have listened for four years to those who called Trump illegitimate, a Russian pawn, and impeachable (only by Democrats) in the House of Representatives. I doubt seriously that 71 million voters, who include significant numbers of Latino, African-American, Asian, Gay and Lesbian, and Caucasian voters, many of them blue collar workers who have benefited from the Trump economic policies, are going to make nice with their so-called cultured despisers. Calling people deplorables, disgusting, bigots, et cetera, is not how to win friends. If Biden is indeed inaugurated, expect Trump voters to demand an overhaul of election laws, with attention paid to financing and voter identification, and that the Republican representatives will place the Biden family dealings with foreign powers, especially China, under a microscope.

If Biden is declared president, half the country will place his presidency under the same cloud as the other half did during the Trump presidency. It ain’t over, folks. And that’s how a constitutional republic is supposed to work.

St Matthew's Pastor Sam Zumwalt


The Rev. Dr. Samuel Zumwalt has worked in churches for 44 years and in May 2020 celebrated the 39th anniversary of his ordination to the holy ministry. He is a member of the Society of the Holy Trinity ( In 2004, Pr. Zumwalt moved with his family to Wilmington from Texas, where he served for 23 years as pastor of small, midsize, and large congregations.