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St. Matthew’s Digital Sign Proposal



St. Matthew’s Digital Sign Proposal


Your church council has placed before you a proposal to upgrade our church sign with a 4’ by 8’ LED color screen in the center (see the design graphic below). The basic structure of the sign is good and will be reworked to accommodate the new LED screen.


Media advertising is expensive and is only for a limited amount of time. Once the money is spent, it’s gone for good. Publishing free information in the newspaper is very limited by space, reduced and even omitted by the paper’s editorial staff,  and restricted to the Saturday religion page. If people are not looking there, they won’t know what we would like them to know about our congregation. Internet advertising is expensive and typically reaches only those who are searching for church information.

Our location is one of the best in the area. Messages on a digital sign can be changed frequently and include color graphics. The frequency the screen is changed can be controlled to allow passersby enough time to read our information. A 4×8 LED screen is large enough to be seen by those traveling on South College Road, the busiest entrance to Wilmington.

How much?

Your property team recommended to council a budget of $32,000 to allow for any unexpected installation costs. A smaller version of the same LED sign is included in the Sleep Inn sign on the north side of Market Street between South College Road and New Centre Drive.

Aren’t there other needs besides a sign?

There are always many needs and giving opportunities in our life together. Not everyone is motivated to give to the same needs. Some prefer to give mostly to the budget and then to activities that interest them. If you don’t want to give to upgrade the sign, you don’t have to.

The main reason to upgrade the sign is to tell better who we are and what we have to offer to the community. We can reach people whom we wouldn’t reach by other forms of advertising.