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Luther's Rose

St Matthew's Evangelical Lutheran Church

A Discipleship Center

Celebrating Our 125th Anniversary 1892-2017

Youth Ministry


Our program focuses on strengthening our commitment to God, Church, our families, and ourselves. Each age group will experience this growth through Bible Study, devotions, fellowship activities, service projects, and personal connections to their church.

There will also be opportunities for each of our youth to use any of their spiritual gifts to enhance their spiritual growth.

We encourage you to look at all the opportunities and come join us for a chance to make a difference. Let’s continue to build on our faith, and take leaps of faith together, knowing we are sheltered under the grace of God’s love.

High School 9th – 12th Grades

The High School Youth Group meets every Sunday night from 6:00 to 7:30 pm in the McSwain Activity Center, and at outside locations for service and fun activities. Please check Youth News for the schedule.

During this very crucial time we are preparing youth to be disciples away from home and church, fortifying their foundation in their church and home, and preparing them more for their adult life and future.

Activities and music are a vital part of spiritual growth. We are looking for more ways to add music experiences during our meetings.

Middle School 6th – 8th Grades

The Middle School Youth Group meets every Wednesday at 6 pm in the upstairs Youth Room in McSwain Activity Center. Time will also be spent between church and outside activities that include servant projects as well as those for fun.

We want to continue to build on the relationships that you are forming in Confirmation Class. We will also be discussing the changes you are experiencing in school, friends, and yourself.

Upper Elementary 3rd – 5th Grades

WWJD You will meet for activities and fellowship at least once a month. Your activities will focus on creating better personal relationships, and finding ways we can serve others and thereby server God better. Please check the church calendar for monthly activities.

Lower Elementary K – 2nd Grades

Jesus Loves Me Our youngest group is not forgotten. This is an exciting group to watch soak up the Word of God. This group will also meet monthly for activities to bond the kids as a group and enhance their awareness of others in God’s world. Please check the church calendar for monthly activities.