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The Lord Jesus Christ defines marriage as the  union of one man and one woman (Matthew 19:4-6). No judicial decision by any court and no act of Congress, state legislature, or local political entity can change this. It is impossible for the majority vote of a religious denomination to revise the Lord’s teaching to reflect the changing attitudes of the world, regardless of how that denomination may believe, teach, or confess.

Because weddings are acts of worship within the life of Christ’s Church, active participation in the local community of faith is expected. Either the man or the woman must be an active worshiping member of the local church prior to scheduling a marriage conference with the Senior Pastor. Because the couple will participate in five or more marriage preparation conferences with the Senior Pastor, and to allow sufficient time to make a lifelong commitment to marriage, either the man or the woman (or both) will have been members of the local church for, at least, one year prior to the wedding date. To schedule a conference with the Senior Pastor, please phone 910-791-4582 x200.